eduPad launches The School of Social Networks

February 2020 UPDATE:
In partnership with European Schoolnet and, we’ve launched The School of Social Networks to protect children on social networks.


Paris, France, November 21, 2018

After growing eduPad’s userbase from 0 to 12M users in 127 countries, we decided to sell eduPad’s content portfolio to another edTech startup, LearnEnjoy, to reach the hundred million users mark. We keep the property of the eduPad’s brand, and may launch other educational initiatives under this brand in the future.

We had to make that decision because we couldn’t at the same time maintain and improve our portfolio of 160 educational iTooch apps on Android, iOS, Amazon and Windows AND develop Monster Messenger, the safe instant messenging app for families we kickstarted in 2016.

At the time of writing, Monster Messenger is growing crazy fast, and it takes all of our energy to keep it up and bring in the features children and parents ask us for. 

Designing the iTooch apps, buidling the amazing team to develop and market them was an exhilarating journey. We loved every single day of the adventure!

It all started in January 27, 2010, when Steve Jobs introduced the iPad to the world. We immediatly saw the educational potential of this new medium. iOS, event in its first and unpolished tablet version, was so user-friendly, so fit for children. It was the device educators had been waiting for for ages.

Our vision was to deliver full official curricula with a fresh and delighting gaming experience, because learning shouldn’t be boring!

We kick-started an MVP with 4 first apps, covering the US and French curricula in Math and Languages Arts. We were not that satisfied with what we’d been able to deliver… but user feedback was amazing! We then created eduPad inc., raised money from business angels and started being serious about eduPad and the iTooch apps.

Within one year, we’d become one of the top 3 educational publisher in the US, far above the traditional publishers, head to head with the likes of Toca Boca and Disney.

And then came the Windows version in 2012, the Android version in 2013, the Amazon version in 2014, a major revamping in 2015 for schools… and an ongoing and never-ending fine-tuning of the game dynamics.

At the time of sale, iTooch apps portfolio was the largest database of mobile content for K1 to K8 with +30K original activities in Math, Language Arts, Science, Biology Music and Health.

Thank you to the millions of parents, teachers and children who have supported us and helped us grow. We’re convinced LearnEnjoy will make a great job from there.